26 April 2007

Exchangin' that Merchandise

The city of Norman holds bi-annual "Clean Up" months -- the city's sanitation trucks and workers are out en masse every Saturday for a month picking up whatever you put out on your curb. While some use this time to get rid of stuff, others of us use the time to amass more possessions. My amassed possessions from April 7 and April 20, respectively:

-2 tomato cages
-about 20 plant pots of various sizes
-2 sets of plastic letter tiles in a wooden cigar box
-1 year of Martha Stewart Living magazines
-letter stencils
-floral bulletin board letters
-a small cooler
-about 20 plastic cookie cutters (animals, holiday, etc)
-Chinese workbooks and dictionary
-huge box of slides

-Stratego board game (complete with DIY drinking game rules)
-box of textbooks
-50 or so LOTR: Two Towers posters
-10 LPs (including Chubby Checker, which I quite like) and a plastic 45 insert
-Harry Potter 3, 4, and 5 (hardback)
-videos: Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Short Circuit, The Big Green, Angels in the Outfield
-2 strings of working multi-colored Tiki lights
-2 1000-piece puzzles (which appear to have all their pieces)

More to come after this Saturday.

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