09 December 2007

Estate Sale Shopping Hazards

Yes, you read that correctly -- hazards. Not physical, just emotional. ...This time.

I attended an estate sale this weekend (both Friday and today). It was a lovely sale. I bought lots of stuff. Books, linens, clothes, crochet hooks... all sorts of stuff. Today I went back for the half-price sale to pick up a bunch of 35mm slides for my Etsy shop. And I did. Three shoe boxes full of sets in smaller boxes. Great stuff -- it's all from the 50s and 60s, lots of travel photos and family gatherings. I'm excited about them.

However -- tucked away at the bottom of one of the smaller boxes, in a folded slip of paper were two slides of a NAKED MAN. I'm not talkin', like, no pants or something. No -- Buck. Naked. Thankfully, they were candid shots, not really posed in any way. Somehow that would have been much worse, I think.

Usually I'm a sucker for speculating about people and their lives and why they do the things they do. But in this instance, I really just don't want to know.

(Oh, and you can thank me later for not adding photos to this post.)


Alysa said...

Oh no! Sounds very hazardous!

Dorathea said...

You're right. Some things are better not to speculate about.

..and thank you for not posting the pictures! ;-)