30 August 2008

Vacation, Part IV

You've forgotten that I even went to Boulder, haven't you? The existence of a certain bun in a certain oven has had me simultaneously busy and unable to get anything done. But here I am, ready to tell all about the ride home.

This unidentified rodent was spotted at a rest stop in... Kansas? Probably Kansas. I moved closer and it jumped into a hole in the ground. Is it mole? Any yard rodent aficionados out there?

Possibly at the same rest stop -- "Sneath Enterprises". I don't know about you, but this is a not a company I'm inclined to trust.
("It reminds me of salad dressing, but for some reason I don't want to eat it.")

Yes, that's Steve next to Steve on a Subway/Get Smart window cling.

This is the Taco John's. They are a fast food tex-mex establishment out of Wyoming. They promise "A Whole Lot of Mexican". I'm not sure what that was a whole lot of, but I'm hoping it wasn't Mexican. Okay, it wasn't that bad. It was pretty much exactly like Taco Mayo. BUT -- the churros. Oh, the churros. Tasty, tasty churros. I heart churros. (Ten bonus points if you can name the reference.)

This is a Spangles. We saw signs for this fine establishment on the way to Colorado, so on the way back, we decided to stop in for dinner. We figured, hey, it's either a decent restaurant or a gentleman's club (and then decided that if it was a gentleman's club, we wouldn't be eating there).

It's a pretty decent little place. A chain, I'm pretty sure. They've got burgers and shakes and french fries in cups. Yum. Steve approves.

This is a photo from inside what is probably one of four state-sponsored rest stops in Oklahoma. For some unknown reason, the state decided to spend ALL of its rest stop budget on one really nice one at each border. Ri-diculous.

This is the rest stop's dog park. Yep, that's right. Two different fenced in areas (one for small dogs, one for large), each with a sheltered bench and doggy-sized water fountains. Oh, and a really, really long list of rules. Come on, Oklahoma! What's wrong with you??

"Hey, baby -- wanna get outta here?"


bammers said...

Steve is everywhere.

That's what she said.

GrandmaToots said...

We have Taco John's up here, too. It's ok, but we prefer El Agave, the *real* Mexican restaurant in town. Of course, with Dad in Louisville, I'll probably never eat there again until he comes home for a visit :(