06 February 2009

Things I'm NOT registering for

Today the husband and I went to Target to officially start our Target baby gift registry. Although I'd rather register for things exclusively online, I know that, realistically, most people who buy me a gift will do so at Target half an hour before my baby shower starts. It's just our way.

So Norman and I wandered around Target, beeping pretty much anything we wanted that could remotely have something to do with Lucy, including season 1 of Spongebob Squarepants, and nitrate-free bacon. But here are some things we did not beep, and do not plan to purchase, register for, or keep in our possession:

*a crib (and thus crib sheets, bumpers, etc.)
*a stroller
*baby wipes
*disposable diapers (beyond perhaps that one small pack for emergencies)
*a baby swing
*shoes for babies who aren't walking yet
*a baby bathtub
*any devise that purports to help the baby learn to walk

I'm sure there are plenty of other things I could list. Oh wait -- I just thought of one: Baby Einstein videos, toys, or CDs. In a complete reversal of the way I live my everyday life, I'm going for minimalism. I'm highly insulted by the amount of crap merchandisers think they can foist onto me just because I'm having a baby. I also have nearly no room in my house for baby things.

Now, let the barrage of comments about why I actually do need one or more of the things on that list begin!


Jupiter said...

You won't hear any argument from me on why you shouldn't be registering for all that crap! It's all so pointless. With Baby #1, I had all that stuff heaped upon me and never used half of it. Through 5 kids, my most valuable baby items were my boobs,a good sling and a nice fluffy stash of cloth dipes and handmade wipes.Oh...and woolies.

Becky said...

I'm gonna have to argue for an emergency pack of wipes to go with those diapers. You never know when a.)your washing machine may go on the fritz or b.)baby's first stomach virus goes through all wipes in less than 24 hours. Basically any emergency that requires disposable diapers might require extra wipes, too. You can put them through the wash with your diaper laundry and use them for dust rags, etc., when they come out. Otherwise, more power to ya:).

samann1121 said...

Jupiter -- Your comment is awesome and made me laugh out loud. That's pretty much my philosophy!

Becky -- I respect that opinion, but do you know how many things are capable of wiping a baby's butt in an emergency? So many.

GrandmaToots said...

Do you mind if I keep disposable diapers, wipes, and a porta-crib with sheets at *my* house, in case I ever babysit?

Norman said...
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samann1121 said...

[I accidentally left this comment as Norman first.]

Hey, you can do whatever you want (well... you know.) Clarification: we will have a porta-crib. We will not have a crib crib.

Heather said...

Never got into Baby Einstein. Someone gave me a cd from there at a shower and I didnt see how it would make anyone a genius ;)

However, a most valuable item was a DVD of Jack's Big Music Show. For some reason, even as a tiny baby, watching that show could shut down a screaming hissy in an instant. There were many instances of "put on the dvd! Hurry! Do it nowww!" at my house.
Ah, good show ;)

Jem♥Jam said...

Oh yeah, you need that Spongebob. I mean, the baby does. No, I mean, you. Why do you need wipes when you have hands? And probably a little bit of arm hair...