01 January 2010

Babby Toys

This Christmas was Babby Lucy's first Christmas. She is 8 months old. Because she is:

1.) 8 months old, and
2.) Her paternal grandparents' first grandchild and her maternal grandparents' first granddaughter,

we figured we (her parents) should go light on the Christmas presents.

[Those reasons are really just excuses. We plan to go light on the Christmas presents for our children every Christmas. We already go light on the Christmas presents for each other, our extended family, and our friends.]

Here's what Lucy received from her parents for Christmas:

One of those Tupperware shape ball thingies. It was a thrift store score, otherwise, trust me, I would have gone for the primary colors.

A wooden car from Etsy. I just figured she needed a car.

A hat like Jayne's from Firefly. This one is pretty special to me. I thought, "You know what would be awesome? A hat like Jayne's from Firefly, but for a baby!" I knew that various Etsy sellers sold adult versions of the hat. I then thought, "Who could I get to knit one of those for me?" As I was thinking over my knitter-friend options, I discovered that Meg Wood knits baby hats and sells them on Etsy!

[You don't know who Meg Wood is, do you? She runs this website. And this blog. I've been reading her site since high school. She's also on Facebook, which is how I found out about the baby hat knitting. I think. The other important thing about Meg Wood is that she loves Firefly. So this was pretty much the perfect fit.]

The hat is also pretty much a perfect fit. It's not too big, but there's definitely room for Lucy to grow. Awesome.

I was also going to make Lucy a cloth ball from this pattern, but I ran out of time. I'll probably still make her one or two one of these days.

[A Post Script Tangent: Santa Claus. The more I think about the concept of Santa Claus, the more I dislike it. We will not be telling Lucy there is a Santa Claus. Yeah, yeah, I know -- "But it's just fun to pretend!" That's true, but not when there are real things at stake. My biggest beef with Santa? Gifts turn into this thing that you deserve because you were good, and then they just magically appear. In reality, gifts are free to you -- you don't earn them And you aren't under any obligation to give them to others. They are about love and grace. And gifts come from people who love you and sacrificed time and/or money to give them to you, not from a magical elf with unlimited resources.] End rant.


Brigid said...

Aww, so cute! I love that hat. I'm with you on Santa. It's just weird and unnecessary.

JemJam said...

Oh, it's about time that I found a person/people that agree with me on Santa!! Cute presents!