14 January 2011

Estate Sale scores (and a FAIL)

Well, that's it. I'm never showing up to estate sales after the first 30 minutes ever again. Today was the first time I'd hit one up right when it opened, and I found FIVE things I'd been planning to buy.

[A new large, good quality cutting mat]

[The book Once-a-Month Cooking. Note: Not my freezer. Yet.]

[A mandoline slicer -- Pampered Chef, no less!]

Also a vintage Scrabble game and a snap setter. Score, score, score.

The mandoline, however, is where I got into trouble. I just had to try it out with a carrot right when I got home. I got a little over-excited (along with not using the little attached thingy that's supposed to hold onto whatever you're slicing) and... sliced off a large portion of the pad of my right thumb. OW. But mostly, annoying! The thing won't stop bleeding without tightly-taped gauze all over it. Can't wash dishes, can't change diapers, and Norman had to make the turkey burgers tonight. Also won't be using scissors or craft knives for awhile. And I can't really use the new Wii -- any exercise makes it bleed more.

Moral of the story -- estate sales are awesome, but be careful not to get too excited about your scores.


Kelly said...

Love it!

I always go the second or third day (to get the discount) but I should try it!

Congrats on everything but the sliced thumb!

Jenny said...

That's crazy impressive! Sweet!