27 September 2011

The Epic Move, Part 6: San Francisco to Home!

 Last day!  (Or, I suppose, the first day, depending on your point of view... So deep.)  It's only 5-6 hours from the San Francisco area to Arcata, which is why we felt completely comfortable taking some time out of our day to drive through a tree.

No really.  The trees are so big and so old that you can carve a hole the size of a car out of the middle of one, and it will still be alive

 [But it'll cost ya.]

We saw a lot of motorcyclists on the 101.  I don't understand.  It looks like a really uncomfortable way to travel.

 We rolled down the windows and touch the tree as we drove through.

  [Our turn!]

Then this, because it was World Breastfeeding Week. 

[So giant!]

Then this guy looked like he was going to hitch a ride.  But then he left.

[Norman loves dragonflies.]

Then we kept driving.  We finally arrive in our new town.

[The University]

We got into our new house (with a carfull of stuff).

Lucy made her own fun.
[That's a bowl, a fork, and some spaghetti. Can't you tell?]

A couple days later I finally had some pans unpacked and had taken a trip to the grocery store, so we had our first home-cooked meal (despite tablelessness).

[Real spaghetti!]

And now we're here.


Dorathea Maynard said...

I want to cheer Yay! Yay to the trip, pictures, adventures, post series, and new home!

But then I remember that means you're not here.

But then I remember we can still have tea together via video, just like Star Trek!

So.. Yaaaaayy!

meh. said...

I'm not sure I've ever seen a pop toob be a fork and I've seen them be a lot of things! That's awesome.

meh. said...

Oh that's me- Jolly. hehehe.