14 October 2011

The Thrift Store Fates Were Smiling...

'Twas a good day for thrifting.  Lucy and I went on/in the bike/trailer, so it was very exciting getting everything we bought to fit.  Luckily, our bike trailer has a trunk, if you can believe it.  (Still the best $90 I've ever spent.)  The recycling center has a thrift store (which is awesome, because I had a dream about that once...).  Mostly they carry tools and building materials, so I went there looking for a certain tool we need, which they didn't have.  But to make up for it, first of all, everything was half off.  Secondly, there was a great selection of vintage craft supplies today. (Yes, please!)  Like these:

[Popsicle sticks because I am now obsessed with being able to do this.]

And these scarves:

And this (which, of course, they don't make anything like anymore):

[New in the box!]

Thirdly, I FOUND THIS:

On sale, remember. It was $1.25. I would have gladly given them upwards of $20 on the spot. Hooray, consumer surplus!!  I have been really wanting some breastfeeding art for some time now. This is perfect.  (Loosely translated, it says, "Breast is best" in Spanish.)  Love, love, love!

And then I went to another thrift store and bought some more cool stuff, and it somehow still all fit in the trailer (and Lucy didn't even have to walk!).

Said cool stuff:

[Completed and non-completed crewel embroidery. I can't say no.]

[Multi-colored film reel spools. Will probably end up in the supply shop.]

["Checkers": A checker board and some poker chips. Lucy saw people playing checkers on Sesame Street a week or two ago and has been obsessed.]

[Aaaand, jaunty embroidered cap for me!]

I spent about $15 all together. Yep.

OK, so what's the best thing you've ever found second-hand?  Do you feel, like I do, that it was waiting just for you?  I'm curious!


Kelsey said...
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Kelsey said...

Nice finds! A couple of weeks ago I went to one of the Goodwill stores in Norman and came home with 3 shirts, a pair of nice slacks and two tops for under $20. Almost all of it is business dress appropriate, and I was looking for clothes to wear for a conference and future job interview and it saved a ton of money! I was so proud when I came home and had Thomas try to guess what I paid and where I bought them.

My sister has been doing a lot of thrift shopping lately and she was my inspiration to test my luck and see what I could find. I might be hooked now...

[I deleted my first comment because I wasn't sure about some of my grammar ;)]

Dorathea Maynard said...

I found my best dress (that blue one with darker blue flowers) in a thrift store several years ago. I wasn't sure of it at the time (I think it may have been $5-$10, oh goodness), but I really liked it. Ashley told me to get it, I did, and I've been enjoying it since. Fits me practically perfectly and a very flattering style.

GrandmaToots said...

Nice! My best thrift store find? A Coldwater Creek little black dress EXACTLY my size (which isn't easy to find, BTW) with no flaws, for a mere $3.98.