17 July 2012

Vacation 2012: Twin Peaks

This will be a non-chronological account of the highlights of our recent Northwestern road trip.

We decided that the best possible use of time in the Seattle metro area would be to visit the cafe where they filmed Twin Peaks. (Which is a TV show from the early '90s. And also a weird movie.) 

So after we waited two and a half hours in the line of cars to get out of Canada (long weekend for the Canadians), we got to keep driving!  And then we were coming up on the Seattle area and the traffic was getting pretty bad, so I looked at the atlas and found a back road to take.  This turned out to be quite serendipitous, as this route also took us past the waterfall and hotel that were also featured on the show!

[Snoqualmie Falls]

That was definitely worth the half hour it took us to park, get out of the car, look at the falls, and browse the gift shop.  It was strangely thrilling.  My guess is that it was the combination of us having car-cabin-fever, the unexpectedness of stumbling across it, and of course the nerd factor.

[My hair decided that it was also very excited.]

Then we kept driving (I'm sensing a theme...) and finally found the cafe!  Twede's, as it is now known.  Now, unlike the Ovaltine Cafe (from the last post), Twede's looks almost nothing like it did in the show on the inside.  This is because the interior was destroyed in a fire (arson, for pity's sake) in 2000.  The sign survived, however, and they rebuilt. 

The other difference between the Ovaltine Cafe and Twede's is that the people in charge of Twede's know the score!  They sell mugs, t-shirts, magnets, frisbees, and even hand-drawn maps of Twin Peaks filming locations.  They've got a "Twin Peaks" burger on the menu, and they always have plenty of coffee and cherry pie.  So that made it pretty fun.  (Also, the food was really good!)


All along the back wall by the restrooms, they have a bunch of newspaper clippings about filming and the fire, and quite a few shots from the show.

[Oh, Audrey Horne.]

[Best in the tri-counties.]

I would have insisted that we go find the sheriff station from the show, but it was getting late, and we still had to drive to Portland!

[And there was the part where I convinced Norman to talk to Diane on the voice recorder while I took videos. Oh yes he did.]

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