25 March 2006

Violence to Books

Now, normally I would not advocate any kind of violence toward books. I love books. In fact, I love the idea of books more than I actually love reading them. But in some cases, the craftiness wins over love of books. And in this particular case, the book Step Lively, published in 1955, fell victim. It was (may it rest in peace) a book for children about health, safety, and generally getting along with people. But it has the best illustrations! And it was a dollar. And now there are notecards. Like the one above (probably my favorite). They're in my Etsy shop, and there are about 6 different ones. More book death ("repurposing") to come.

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simplemente .OsitO. said...

you should be careful about what you read... some books could be very violent.
nice work... keep like that.
take care, bye