30 March 2006

Busy-ness Cards

So, I just made myself some business cards. They have my Etsy shop's web address on them. I'm pretty impressed with them. And with myself. They look pretty darn nice. I'm going to stick them in when I mail things I've sold on Etsy, and also leave them randomly at cafes and things. Just to see what happens. Annie's printer is surprisingly okay with cardstock. Cool. I know, you're all thinking "But, but, but... I want to see the wonderfulness!" Well, too bad. I tried, but my digital camera is farsighted. Drat.


Dorathea said...

You're right, I do want to see it. Can you take the picture from a distance with the zoom on or is that still not enough?

samann1121 said...

For you, my dear, I will bring one to church. :-)

Dorathea said...

oooh! I only saw you once today!
thank you so much, though. maybe next week?