13 June 2006

Hostess Gifts

Told ya -- wedding stuff. Seven lovely ladies threw a bridal shower for me a couple weeks ago. These are the gifts I gave each of them. There's a votive candle holder with beaded ribbon trim, a red toile lavender sachet, and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. :-) They all came in a Chinese take out boxes I found at Michael's.


Annie said...

Just found your blog. Dottie is hilarious! Hope the honeymoon is going well, but miss you quite a bit. When you get back, I have twelve 2liters of ginger ale for you. Hope you kept the receipts.

Dorathea said...

Welcome home!

So who get's Buford? Have you decided, or is it on the backburner right now?

Dorathea said...

hey, Annie, are you laughing at me?
I don't mind, I'm just curious. ;^)