13 June 2006

Llama Llama Duck

Ya know that internet short "The Llama Song"? (Well, you should. Go here.) I found these appliqued and embroidered fabric squares at an estate sale. They were in this order when I found them. There are also these:

I'm thinking handbags, but who knows?

1 comment:

Dorathea said...

They look like they're trying to be pictures of Bible stories. Well, I don't know about the duck..

Yeah, I can see them as open-top purses, with a long, thin and round shoulder strap. But that might just be me. :-D

I would like to spend some time being crafty with you (I want your thinking to rub off on me). Obviously not anytime really soon, 'cuz you are busy and you will be busy. But sometime, yes?