15 December 2006

Best Thrift Find EVER

Now, I've found some great things at thrift stores and garage sales. Probably at the top of the list would be the $12 12"x 16" paper cutter. That is, until yesterday. Yesterday was the day I found the following at the First Presbyterian Thrift Shop in Norman, OK.

Yep. It's a Madeleine L'engle book. I saw it and thought, "Oh, that's the one about the dolphins. I didn't really like that one," and made to put it back. Then I thought, "Well, it looks older -- maybe it's a first edition, and I can sell it." So I looked inside, and I saw:

...and also...

...and I gasped. Out loud. A freaking Madeleine L'engle signed first edition. And then I looked at the sign with the book prices.

HARDBACKS -- 50 cents

Hmm... Maybe they priced it for more somewhere on the book. ::looking...looking:: Nope. It was fifty cents. So I gathered the rest of my purchases (two very nice wool dress skirts for a dollar each that were, until that moment, the highlights of my trip, some Christmas cards, and other miscellany), and checked out. I spent $5.15.

I got outside and felt like I had just robbed them. It was great.

So, if you know anyone who collects signed first editions, let me know. I'm looking to liquidate.


Dorathea said...

Ha ha!!! Very cool!
Nice pictures.. were they by chance taken with your new homemade camera?

Jenny said...

What more can I say but,


;-) Nice find, nice find.

Turi said...

you have a homemade camera? whoah, just like MacGuyver... does it incorporate tinfoil and chewing gum anyplace?

samann1121 said...

Oh, I wish. If only I were as cool as MacGyver, but alas... I think she was talking about the lightbox (see the previous post), which *does* incorporate freezer tape and freezer paper. Brrr....