25 December 2006


This is what I gave Dotty for Christmas:

I had a blast putting it all together. It's pretty much everything anyone would ever need for making their own note cards, mail art, collages -- whatever. I was so excited to get to share!

I also made my mom some potholders, which I forgot to take pictures of before I mailed them.

I made Norman a pair of flannel boxers, and I'd take a picture of them, but he's wearing them at the moment (too much information?).

I made a bunch of other people some croutons and dream bars, but pictures of those would be boring.

But what I can give you are pictures of what I gave Meghan (Earl) Barnes for her wedding shower:

A throw pillow and sham.

And two ribbon candle votives. These are approximately her house colors (in a non-Hogwarts kind of way.) Yay!


Dorathea said...

And Dotty likes it very much!

(I know, I don't say much that's intelligent on here)

Dorathea said...

heehee, I'm at school!

Dorathea said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!