24 March 2008

Craft Fair

I'll be selling at another craft fair this weekend! It's the same Spring Cleveland County show I did last year, except this time, there will be upwards of 10 Etsy sellers there hawking their wares! I myself will be sharing a booth with 2 other sellers (RaggedyPageant/VintageGardenKnits and Jemellia). Other sellers who will be there:


What can you expect from me? Record bowls, book journals, board game coasters, some awesome new pouches, and cute new push pin sets, among other things. So come on out and see us!

Oh, I almost forgot -- if my sweet face isn't enough to get you to show, we'll be handing out sweet Etsy goodie bags!

1 comment:

Dorathea said...

Go, Jessie! I don't know if I'll make it, but I hope it goes splendiforously for you!