17 April 2008

Quick Update...

OK, things have been busy around here, so means a lack of blogging. But here's a quick update on some projects I've worked on lately that I'm pretty proud of.

House cane:

My friend has been using a cane for the past... quite a while, and it looks like she will continue to use a cane for a while longer. Well, seeing as she also watches House and is completely awesome, we decided she needed flames on her cane. So I pulled out the fingernail polish and went to work. I think I did a pretty good job, considering I'm not really an artist at all.

Birthday guestbook/journal:

This is the book journal I made to be used as a guestbook at my grandma's 80th birthday party last weekend. People didn't use up very many pages, so I'm hoping someone gathers a bunch of the pictures that people took at the party and pastes them in there.

Also, craft show this weekend -- well, as I said before, it's actually a car show. But it'll be great fun. I mean, the Army's bringing a rock climbing wall. How can you say no to that?

Andrews Park in Norman. North of the public library. This Saturday. 10am-5pm. Be there.


bammers said...

I look like I am going faster!

Katie said...

But does it make you brilliantly funny and snarky?