25 February 2008


My great aunt has secured my services as invitation-maker for my grandmother's 80th (!!!) birthday party (although, perhaps "gala" or "event" is a better word -- it's gonna be way fancy). This is the result.

That's a photo of my grandmother as a little girl. She didn't have a pompom in the original photo, but I had to add them -- pompoms are just so festive! As I was hatching ideas for these invitations, I hoped that the package of photos I was being sent would contain one that I could put a party hat on -- how lucky that I got a photo with a built in party hat!?

The insides have the party info on one side and RSVP info on the other -- I printed the info out on sheets of printer paper, then cut them up and glued them in.

I bought pre-made cards with envelopes at the local Hobby Lobby (which happened to be on sale unexpectedly). The card above is only representational of an array of different paper patterns. See?

Cute, right?

So I spent most of the afternoon on Saturday assembling 50+ invitations. But it was pretty enjoyable. I'm so pleased with how they turned out!


Norman said...

You blog is probably the most fun blog I read, mostly due to the random linking!

Jenny said...

They look great!

kyle said...

"pom poms are just so festive!" Words to live by.