29 May 2008

I am an audio-visual genius.

OK, not really. But I am pretty proud of myself. A friend of ours was so kind as to offer us his old TV (and by "old" I actually mean "slightly used"). So, not only did I hook up the TV, VCR, and DVD player by myself (which is really old hat for the obsessively-video-taping daughter of a former broadcast monitor), but I figured out how to hook the husband's laptop up to the TV. Oh yeah.

Behold the splendor.

I looked up how to do it on the internet, found the right cords, bought the right cords (for a mere 11-odd dollars, mind you), and hooked it up. Now we can watch videos from the internet on our TV. All except for stuff from Netflix, because the peons over there decided to block that from working so you'll have to buy a special box from them. Arg. But other than that, it's all good. Yay!

(Also, I will preempt you from pointing out the irony of the giant rabbit ears on top of the nice, new flat screen TV. As Norman said when we first turned it on, "The static is so clear!")

1 comment:

bammers said...

Intense, Jessie, intense.

I like the bunny ears.