05 July 2008

I'm back, and I brought produce!

Yes, I've been rather neglecting this blog. My apologies. But you can't be that mad at me, because I have pictures of food! Yay!

(This post is mostly for Jenny, since she gave/sold me the following plants when they were just wee little things.)

Here is my bay tree (yes, as in bay leaves). It is apparently very happy to be outside.

On the right is my basil plant. Dang. It's like a full-blown shrub now. To its left is my strawberry plant. I have two red strawberries! They're tiny, but they are definitely strawberries.

The firstfruits of the strawberry plant. Once again, a dilemma is raised -- am I not supposed to give my firstfruits to God? What's the best way to do that? Putting the strawberry in the offering plate seems a little silly. Giving one or two pieces of produce to one of my ministers also seems odd, considering they both have large families. A new idea that just occurred to me today -- mash the strawberry up and put it in the communion bread when it's my turn to bake it. But then, what if someone at church is highly allergic to strawberries? They would have no reason to suspect that there might be strawberry in the communion bread (after all, it would only be there because I'm crazy). Hmm....


Jenny said...

Yay! They're all doing so well! My basil is still so tiny, about four leaves on each plant. Are you going to make pesto? :-) :-) Thanks for the post. It makes me happy. :-)

Katie said...

Happy plants!