24 November 2008

"Virtual Trunk Show" ...Huh?

What the heck is a virtual trunk show? Well, it's actually quite exciting and high-tech. A regular old trunk show is where a seller, or two, or five, or ten, get together at a physical location and show off their wares. Sometimes there's wine and cheese or what have you. Usually there's a sale. It's kind of like an open house, but it's usually at a storefront, and it's usually more than one person.

A virtual trunk show is where a bunch of sellers get together at a specific place on the internet to show off their wares. Which is exactly what the Etsy Trashion Team is doing this Friday. Yep, Friday. Black Friday. Although we prefer to call it Green Friday. Save your gasoline, stay home, and buy from Etsy Trashion sellers. We make stuff out of reused materials! Yay! That makes them super green and super one-of-a-kind. Double win!

You can just hop on over to the Etsy Virtual Labs on Friday at 7pm (Eastern), and you'll see the announcement for the Trashion Trunk Show. Just click on in, hang out, here us give our spiels, and take advantage of our sales! Oh, and did I mention there will be door prizes? Yep, prizes. Plural. Woot!

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