04 September 2009

Status Report

Got this meme from SortaCrunchy, a blog whose name and posts I thoroughly enjoy, so I thought I'd share.

My Status Report - September 2009:

Sitting . . . on the love seat, as usual. It's my nursing nest.

Drinking . . . water, mostly. Gotta stay hydrated!

Moving . . . not a darn thing. Which is nice most of the time.

Reflecting . . . on what I thought life with a kid would be like. Not much like what it is. Everyone tries to tell you what it will be like, but no one can explain it properly; it must be experienced.

Planning . . . what to buy my daughter for Christmas. It's very odd to consider buying presents for someone who has absolutely no opinion on the matter. But she's part of the family, so we want to celebrate with her.

Looking Forward To . . . this weekend! My parents are in town, and my dad has not yet met my 4-month-old daughter.

Wanting . . . Rusty's. Usually.

Hoping . . . that I do right by my baby. Or that I at least apologize when I do wrong.

Regretting . . . breaking that snow globe. I was dusting (that'll teach me!) and I broke a snow globe that a friend brought me from New York City. I am very sad.

Stressing . . . about holiday craft inventory. I have very little time to craft these days.

Surprised . . . ... ...... Hmm. Nothing surprises me anymore? Anyone who knows me have any suggestions?

Studying . . . up on how to use my new camera. So many functions!

Frustrated . . . by people who oppose the president speaking to public school students. But I think that's mainly because I expect very little of public schools.

Eager . . . to watch Glee. Looks to be the best guilty pleasure show ever. The singing! The dancing! The unrequited love! The earnest teacher! The bitchy wife! Fabulous.

Enjoying . . . the peace and quiet of eating dinner and watching Friends while the baby sleeps in the other room. A rare treat.

Missing . . . Kelly Rose. I miss her as I have never missed anyone before.

What about you? If you post this meme somewhere, please let us all know in the comments!


bammers said...

Ah! Not the snow globe!! Oh well. When I go back to NYC, I'll give you another one. A better one.

Health update: I am feeling much better, but my dear roommate is ill...I want my home to be healthy so I can see you...

Katie said...

I'm glad someone else admits to thinking that Glee might just be awesome,

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Ahhhh! Love this! Great moment in time stuff there. I miss having a nursing nest. *sniff sniff*

Have fun playing with your new camera. I've heard great things about that one!