10 September 2009

When I Forget to Defrost...

...dinner starts out looking like this:

Yeah. That's a big ol' hunk of frozen chicken boolah. I'm trying to stop using the microwave.

Oh, you're probably wondering what a "boolah" is. It's a weird name for an incredibly tasty casserole, courtesy of my college Bible study leader, Larycia. But of course, because it's me and I'm lazy, we eat it as a skillet meal.

Oh, also, the original recipe calls for a can of condensed soup and a bunch of Velveeta, both of which we have cut out of our diets. A big batch of cheesy cheddar white sauce replaces both nicely.

So I'd type the recipe out for you, but I don't really measure. But it looks mostly like this:

1.) Saute:
Bell pepper
minced garlic
can of Rotel
salt and pepper

2.)Bunch of pasta (our current favorite with this is radiatore -- so much fun!)

3.)Cheesy white sauce:
Melt some butter
Stir in an equal amount of white flour -- let cook 1 minute
Whisk in some milk (and some cream, if you have it) and some chicken broth
salt and pepper
STIR (stir, stir, stir) until it starts to thicken. It seems like it will never happen, but it will. KEEP STIRRING. Don't let it bubble.
Add a whole mess of shredded cheddar. Some cream cheese is a nice addition, but I usually leave it out. It makes it smoother. Stir until cheese melts.

Mix 1, 2, and 3 together. If you're not lazy like me, you can pile it in a casserole dish and heat through in the oven.

Also, the cheesy white sauce makes a great queso, especially if you add a can of Rotel.