16 February 2010


I made these the other evening. Lucy goes to bed and I can do anything I want. And I decided to do some more cooking. Hmm. But I just couldn't take another day without bagels.

I made bagels once before. They didn't turn out so great. I'm just now learning what it means to do things like knead. Or let rise.

I followed the recipe here. (Yep, this is the same lady whose sourdough recipe I follow.)

Soooo tasty. Totally hit the spot. The bagel spot.


Dorathea said...

Heeheehee. Spanking, punching, even vodka. It's all good. :)

How did you shape yours to have the hole in the middle for bagels?

Dorathea said...

. . .
Nevermind that I asked that.