05 February 2010

You'll Thank Me Later

I made this tonight. Rachael Ray's BLT Mac 'n Cheese. Om. Nom.

[Taking photos of food is so difficult to do well, don't you find?]

You should cook this for yourself or someone you love (preferably both) sometime very soon. It's amazingly tasty.

(I left off the weird part at the end about putting a salad on top of the casserole.)

I am so, so, so excited that some sad Monday in about a month, I'll get to pull the leftovers out of the freezer for dinner!


bammers said...

Oooh. Do you think college boys would like this?? I am having a few friends bring a few freshies over for a homecooked meal...

Jenny said...

Wow! That looks tasty. Yumm.... Bacon, cheese, tomatoes, pasta...cream cheese! What more could one want in a casserole?

Jenny said...

So, since the later came...I'm going to say thanks!

This was pretty tasty, even with my substitutions (onion instead of leeks, block of frozen chopped spinach added to the sauce, and using cheap grated parmesan instead of better stuff-though, I have to admit, it would definitely have been better with better cheese). All in all, YUM!