19 March 2010

It is your birthday.

It's not anyone's birthday today. Well, not it my family anyway.

Last week I finished the brand new Maynard Family Happy Birthday Banner. It debuts next month at Lucy's first birthday party. The plan is to make a family tradition of putting it up for every birthday in the house.

I made an isosceles triangle pattern, and cut 13 triangles out of different bright colors of felt. I had them in rainbow order, but it looked funny, so I mixed them up.

Then I printed out HAPYBIRTHD in 2.5 inch letters using WordArt. I cut out the letters, traced them onto off-white felt, and cut them out. I pinned the felt letters to the felt triangles and stitched the letters down with a straight stitch.

I had a hard time deciding what to use for the top to string them all together. Then all of the sudden it hit me -- rick rack! What's more festive than rick rack?? Not a whole lot.

I'm really pleased with the way this turned out. It's almost nothing like what I originally envisioned (that was some printed cotton shabby chic thing), but I love it. I think it will serve us well for all ages, genders, and party themes.

I hear you out there saying, "Can't we see a picture of the finished product??" No, no you may not. You'll see it when you see pictures of/are at Lucy's party. Or I guess if you come to my house and ask nicely, I'll show it to you. I guess.

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