05 March 2010

So... What do you do all day?

My brother was visiting us recently, and he asked me, "So...What do you do all day?" I didn't give him a very good answer. I internalized the skepticism and scorn in his tone. I bought into it -- into the thinking that if you don't have a job, you have it easy, you're lazy, you just lounge around all day. That's wrong.

I was reminded of this reading this blog post by a new friend of mine. I've been where she is (remember this?), and in some sense, even with a baby, I'm still there.

I haven't had a regular paying gig for... a while. I can't remember when I quit my part-time job. I'd check my Facebook profile, but I'm off Facebook for Lent. Anyway, it's been several years, perhaps as many as three.

I really like it that way. I've never liked having to have a job. I have plenty of things to fill up my time without that. (Ha! Doesn't that sound so silly? As if people with jobs don't...) My last job got so unbearable that I quit without having another one lined up. Then I spent a couple months without bringing in income, and we realized we were just fine! Voila! No more jobs.

So here I'd like to give a better answer to the question, "What do you do all day?" I believe that I am called to be with my daughter full-time, and also that my work as a cook/cleaner/all-around home manager helps my husband accomplish his calling more effectively. Unfortunately, I don't always act like it.

Lucy and I usually wake up between 7 and 8 am.


I eat breakfast and start the laundry (diaper laundry) while she plays in the living room and/or kitchen. Sometimes I have some food to prepare (bread, chickens, nuts, rice, beans, broth, etc). There's also plenty of internet-ing (love my laptop!).

Sometimes Lucy takes a nap around 10. Sometimes she just needs to sit with me for a couple minutes and rest.

Round about noon I eat lunch (leftovers, if I'm lucky!). Also, still working on laundry (flipping it or hanging it).

After lunch Lucy will take a nap if she didn't already.

Sometimes we'll go explore in another room in the house. Sometimes we'll sit outside and try to eat leaves. Sometimes we'll go on a bike ride (Craigslist bike trailer -- hollah!). Sometimes we'll turn off all the noise, and I'll sit on the floor and read to myself. Lucy really likes when I do that. She'll climb all over me for a while, but then she'll find stuff to play with and ignore me.

Norman comes home at 5 (ish), and he keeps an eye on Lucy while I make dinner.

The three of us eat dinner together.

After dinner, it's time for a baby bath (twice a week), and then Norman rocks Lucy to sleep and sets her in her pack n play. While he does that, I clean up the mess Lucy made all day, do the dishes, and fold laundry.

Some nights I craft, some nights we watch TV or a movie, some nights we just collapse.

Around 10 or 10:30pm, Lucy wakes up, and the two of us go to bed. Norman the Night Owl follows later.

(I left out the 8-12 diaper changes and the countless nursing sessions for your sake.)

Now, there are days where things are different. There's a grocery store day, an Afternoon of Fun once a week... We like to mix it up.

But for the most part, I spend my days feeding, changing, and entertaining a baby. And that's OK. That's my job right now. I don't always give it my best, but I'm working on it. Aren't we all?


GrandmaToots said...

Atta girl! You're doing great, keep it up!

And btw, I DO want to come see you in April, too ;-)

Katie said...

I'm glad people like you are full-time mothers.
And my word verification was an ACTUAL word: Condo

Kelly said...

Hooray for validation! :) Work is work and it honors God. The end.

I think people ask b/c they're slightly jealous. And, honestly, it's not surprising that they are. It's hard work, but it's the kind of hard work that entrepreneurs have: work that benefits you and yours (and not the corporate Head). THAT is something that is quite nice. And the flexibility is wonderful.

Just sayin'!

P.S. My word verification was NOT an actual word: reakeyea! Sounds like an insult.

meggo said...

I love the in-the-floor reading bit.