11 May 2010

Good Thing I've Got a Big Garage

Remember that garage sale I told you I was going to have?

Well, it kinda morphed into this crazy-ginormous church-wide building fundraiser garage sale. To be held on my front lawn. With me in charge.

This is what my garage looks like at the moment. Donations will continue pouring in this week (including, I just learned, 2 dorm fridges and 2 microwaves!).

Then next week an army (hopefully) of volunteers will descend and help me sort, price, set up, and successfully run this so-called garage sale. What's about 5 times bigger than a garage? Hangar sale? No airplanes, though. That I know of.

We're also going to have a bake sale/lemonade stand. Hey, go big or go home, right?

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