25 May 2010

What I Did Last Week

[The sale on Saturday morning. That's the second day. Plenty left!]

As you know, last week I was organizing and running a garage sale to raise money for our church building fund. Many people asked about the church and the building, so I'll tell you what I told them: We're a church of about 200 people, and we've never owned a building. We're currently meeting at a cheesy wedding chapel (two services, because the place is so small). Before that we were in the conference room of the Holiday Inn. Before that, evening services at another church in town. Before that, the cafeteria of a Catholic elementary school. And that's all since I've been attending (the last 8 years). We don't currently have a building or land that we want to buy, but we want to be ready when the right place comes along. We're tired of being nomadic.

[leftover books]

The garage sale was a great success! We had nearly perfect weather (just a bit of wind on Saturday), we always had the help we needed, and we raised an impressive amount of money.

[leftover stuff]

However, when I say that's what I spent last week doing, that's exactly what I mean. Last week I slept, ate (sometimes), breastfed my baby, and worked on the garage sale. That's it.

[some of the leftover clothes]

Oh, except for the 10 hours I spent watching the revamped Doctor Who, season 1.

[self portrait!]


Jenny said...

How did the lemonade and bake sale portion of the day go? Or did that not happen...

Looks pretty impressive. :-)

Jessie said...

Bake sale, yes. Lemonade, no. We had about 2-3 dozen bags of cookies, and we sold them all. The kids who were supposed to run that part had other stuff come up last week, so it got downsized.

Katie said...

I'm so impressed. And I'm not surprised that someone was getting rid of The Purpose-Driven Life and no one bought it.

Jessie said...

LOL, Katie. I think that market is just a *tad* saturated. :-)