15 June 2010

The Time of the Vacations

(The title is from Bedazzled -- again -- but I couldn't find a YouTube clip of it. Just do yourself a favor and watch the whole movie. Hilarious.)

We went on vacation! It was the vacationiest vacation we've ever been on. Well, it was certainly the longest in any case. A whole week!

My (very generous) father rented a condo on Table Rock Lake for the family. We got to hang out for the week in a totally upscale place with my parents and one of my brothers. (The other brother was planning to come with his son, but he had work stuff at the last minute.)

OK, enough talking. Here are the limited photos I managed to take. Oh, did I mention that I had a sinus infection the whole week? Yeah.

Helping us pack?

Post-Steak n Shake happiness

I had grand plans of having Norman take a photo of us every place I breastfed Lucy, but this is the only one we managed to get. This happy little place is outside a dirty little gas station near the highway.

See? Told ya. Seriously classy.

Very functional kitchen


Our giant bathroom. That's right, it's big enough to house the pack n play. Don't worry, she didn't sleep in there all night. Just in the evening until the grown ups went to bed.

Ah, Branson. The complete and total opposite of Boulder, CO.

Beach balls are fun.

And not too heavy!

Giant skillet at Silver Dollar City. I need one of these.

Here's one of the "Mother's Nursing Stations" at Silver Dollar City. Although I think women should be able to breastfeed wherever, whenever, I do appreciate the thought on Silver Dollar City's part. Four rocking chairs, two baby changing stations, and air conditioning!

Sunset over Table Rock Lake

I thought maybe I'd come home and think my house shabby. But ya know what? I don't. I'm so glad to be home. My own bed, my own couches, my own non-HD television... I feel ready to get back to normal, boring life. It's good here. (Although I wouldn't say no to a shower like the one at the lake. The water pressure! Ahhhhh....)


Heather said...

Aw, happy vacation! We were just at Table Rock Lake this weekend! My in-laws moved up there after they retired. The lake is so pretty.

meggo said...

I always love the vacation shower. (Ours? Hot water for NO MORE than five minutes. Sometimes three.) Not that I love showers, because I don't, but when I do take one, I'd love seven minutes.

Selena said...

You dont know me... but I was just wondering... where is this perticular station located. I have been to sdc every year, pretty much, since I was 1 year old, but I am on my second baby girl, and have yet to have to nurse there. I dont mind nursing in public but its going to be SO HOT this week. One person said that they station they went to way tiny, so I would like to make sure that I at least get to this one that is nice and roomy! Thanks so much!

Jessie said...

Sorry I didn't see this sooner, Selena! I don't know precisely where that nursing station was. I feel like maybe it was not far from the entrance? All the stations are marked on their maps -- I'd just go hunting until you find a nice one! :-)