21 September 2010

Jewelry Scroll Redux

It's been almost 3 years since I refined my design for a travel jewelry organizer, which I call the "jewelry scroll". (You can read all about it and see how it works here.)

It's refined from the original, which I made for my college roommate. She had a lot of fun jewelry, and she spent a lot of weekends out of town, dressing up fancy. She told me she was going to look for a good jewelry organizer at WalMart, but I volunteered to make her one before she had a chance to find out that WalMart wouldn't have what she needed. That first prototype was kind of a disaster. It wasn't padded; it wasn't quilted and it didn't have the dowel rod on the inside, so it sagged all over the place. I've since given her an updated version. :-) Here's a photo of the first one:

[The prototype. Oh my.]

I made the first new batch at the end of 2006, and I slowly sold them over the course of the next year. I didn't make any more until my husband's friend's mother saw one that her daughter-in-law had bought from me, and she ordered 6 more last year for Christmas presents. Well, I figured if someone would buy 6 of them, then surely I could get 6 people to buy one of them, right? So I've brought them back. I finished making another 8 of them about a month ago. I'm just so proud of the design, I couldn't give them up, even though they take forever to make.

So here are some photos of the latest batch.

[There's only one made from an old quilt, but I plan on making more of those if I can get a handle on the rest of my inventory.]

[Most of these are made from upholstery fabric samples.]

All the new scrolls will be listed in my Etsy shop shortly. Plus they all have matching makeup bags, which I will also be listing.

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