07 September 2010

Kitchen Appliances Anonymous

Today I put an electric grill/griddle on my Wist. This prompted me to start listing for my husband all the other small kitchen appliance we own, which I am pretty sure is every kitchen appliance known to man besides an electric griddle and an electric can opener. And then my husband said I should write a blog post about it.

[They hide in every nook and cranny of my kitchen.]

So, without further ado, here is the list:

purchased second-hand
{how often we use it}

Toaster {every day}
Toaster Oven
{every other day}
{every other day}
Coffee Grinder {about once a month}
Hand Mixer {once every couple months}
Stand Mixer
{haven't used it yet; need to see if it will knead bread for me!}
{once a week, on average}
Immersion Blender
{once every couple months}
Air Popper {at least once a week}
Stove Top Popcorn Popper {just got this for my birthday; gonna make kettle corn!}
Percolator {I think I used it once; it's constantly in danger of being purged}
Waffle Maker
{once every couple months}
Hot Pot
{4-5 days per week}
Espresso Machine
{haven't used it since Lucy was born; before that, a couple times per month}
Bread Maker {once or twice per week}
Food Processor
{several times per month}
Crock Pot {once a month}
Dehydrator {once or twice a month}
Ice Cream Maker
{three-ish times per year}
Large Coffee Pot
{once or twice per year}
Smaller Coffee Pot
{1-3 times per week}
Juicer {haven't used yet; wondering if I should keep it; hi, Mom!}
Meat Grinder
{haven't used it yet}
Pasta Machine
{haven't used it yet, but will very soon}

So as you can see, we actually use most of these fairly frequently. Which just confirms my suspicion that I spend too much time in the kitchen. But just think of how much time I would spend if I didn't have all these gadgets! (Or something similarly cheery...)

[Isn't that contact paper fabulous? What kind of mind decides to disguise a stove vent pipe with brightly colored floral contact paper?]

Oh my gosh -- I just realized I'm also in desperate need of a tortilla press (which I would use at least once a month). I have a sickness.


GrandmaToots said...

If you don't want the juicer, ask Jake about it. He mentioned wanting it once...

GrandmaToots said...

P.S. I'm praying for a nice Kitchen-aid stand mixer so I can make (knead) Holy Bread for church. I've made it at my friend Margo's house; that machine is amazing!!

Jennifer said...

don't forget to add tortilla press to your wishlist!

Jessie said...

Oh yes, thanks Jen!

Also -- Oh My Goodness, those colors look BAD on this background. Off to fix them...

Jessie said...

Muuuuch better. (For those just catching this, the list was bright red and blue before. Gah!)

JemJam said...

Wow! You have a lot of kitchen appliances! A stand mixer is awesome for lots of things, especially kneading dough, that is usually how I do pizza (sometimes in the food processor).

I have a "manual" griddle and I love it, I never considered an electric one, share your experiences!

There is no such thing as "too much time in the kitchen."

Katie said...

I think there's a special bread-kneading-hook-thing you can buy for most stand mixers.

Jenny said...

Nice list! I still don't really like using my stand mixer for bread... I'm not any good at it and kneading is the best part of bread-making anyway...

P.S. I finally made some babylegs! Thanks for sharing how!