21 December 2010

Fun Times Photo Dump

Today I was planning on sharing with you some photos of some Christmas gifts I made for some of my friends and family. But I'm not entirely sure if all those gifts have reached their destinations and/or been opened, and I don't want to ruin the surprise for those who haven't received/opened.

Then I was planning on showing you photos of the rocking chair I'm revamping for one of Lucy's Christmas presents, but I haven't actually revamped it yet. Oops. Tomorrow. It will get revamped tomorrow, and then there will be photos later.

So today you get random (mostly food) photo dump! Hooray!

[This year's Christmas card photo]

[My first pie crust. I used this recipe.]

[Saw this at the WalMart...]

[One of the most adorable photos of my husband and my daughter in existence]

[A really good looking baked potato]

[The night I used the pancake molds. A bear for Lucy...]

[A heart for Norman...]

[And... uh... That's no' mine.]

[A cat that looks like Hitler]

[And last but not least -- ZOMBIE BABY! (We helped some friends get engaged by way of zombie attack.)]

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