09 January 2012

Jessie Lyman's Journals, Part 8

I previously introduced you to my great-great grandmother, Jessie Lyman Eckert.  You can read the first post here, and subsequent post are filed under

Jessie Lyman was born January 2, 1877.  She graduated from Westport High School (Westport, MO, now part of Kansas City) in 1897 at the head of her class.  From what I have read of her diaries so far, it appears she went on to teach school for a couple years in Columbia, MO.  She married Herman Eckert in June of 1899.  On July 26, 1900, she died giving birth to twins Conrad and Cornelia at the age of 22.  Conrad is my mother's mother's father.


Mon, Nov. 8th [1897]

The rain continued almost all day. I had only twelve pupils. Jasper Jacobs broke his leg today. Celia is better, but I think she will never be well.

Tues, Nov. 9th

Aunt Florence and I called on Miss Lena Wilson this evening. We had a very pleasant time. Miss Lena's paintings are beautiful.

Wed, Nov. 10th

I sent for a new dress skirt today. It is very pretty. I will begin work on it as soon as possible.
I am learning a new song with the guitar.
I must get to bed and rest for tomorrow's work. The time goes fast, yet slowly also.

Thurs, Nov 11

I did not get a pattern, so was not able to begin on my dress today. I am teaching several of the older girls a song for Xmas.

Friday, Nov. 12

I spent about half an hour training the children today. Three of the little boys are doing finely.
Mr. Scott and Imogene came to bring me a pattern today, and spent the evening. He is so funny. It does me good to have him come.

Sat, Nov. 13

I began work on my dress today, and got along very well. I could only spend half the day on it, as I wanted to call on Lillie Phillips in the afternoon. I had a pleasant call, and found Mrs. Phillips very nice. We stopped to see how Celia Jacobs was as we came home. She is worse. Jasper is doing as well as could be expected.
John Wilson called this evening. He is very sociable.

Sunday, Nov. 14

It threatened rain today so I couldn't go to church this morning. I wanted to see Forest, so Clarence took me this evening. I spent most of the day in writing. I have all my letters answered now.

Mon. (Oct.) Nov. 15

This has been a rainy day. Francis took me to school in the road cart. Rollie scared at a hog and broke the shaft.
I walked home this evening.

Tues, Nov. 16

Nothing of importance happened today. I am working on my new dress skirt.

Wed, Nov 17

Still at my sewing. I think it will be very pretty.

Thurs, Nov 18

All my days seem alike -- rise at 6 o'clock, start for school at 7:30, ring the bell at 8:30, and spend the rest of the day in trying to instil into the verdant minds of the Strawn School, the principles of "Readin' 'Ritin' and 'Rithmetic."


Isn't that the way?  I hate it when I get in ruts and feel like that.

There is a Strawn Road in Columbia, Mo.

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