10 January 2012

New Crafting Space

And by "new", of course, I mean that I've lived here and had the room put together for 5 months but I'm just now getting around to posting photos.

[Car. Driveway.]

My fabulous husband insists that I have a crafting room*.  A family of three should normally be able to get along just fine in a two-bedroom, but not us!  We picked this house because it has a nice double living room (all the way).  The converted garage is off the main living room.  The high ceilings and big window make it pretty much perfect for holding all my crafting stuff without it looking like a cave.  And since it's right next to the living room, Lucy doesn't seem to mind as much when I work while she's playing or watching TV. 

We did, however, have to get a little creative with the toddler-proofing...

[Toy Shelf + Baby Gate + Filing Cabinet]
[The curtains are to keep our warm gas heater air out of the rafters at night.]

Before we moved, I got rid of my sewing table, one small bookshelf, and a set of plastic drawers.  And when we got here, we put the Britney shelf in the storage/mud room -- that room needed it more than I did.  To compensate for some lost storage space, I made what is possibly the tallest stack of under-the-bed Rubbermaid containers in the world, or at least in Humboldt County.

All full of different types of fabric. I think my corduroy collection is taking up three of those...

I can't really complain about the layout -- I have enough space, and I can see all my supplies pretty well.  My only problem is lighting (the room has no built-in lighting), which I could fix if I weren't such a cheapskate.  I think I need one of these.

[Squeee! Yes, those are old, giant, pull-down classroom maps standing up in the corner! Updates when I finally make the project I have in mind for them. (Thanks, Dad!)]

Sometimes I have visions of rigging up a pulley system to hoist my lightbox up into the high ceiling and out of my way. Probly not gonna happen.

If you absolutely must have more photos of this and my other crafting spaces, I have a Flickr album of them here.  And if you want to see tons of other photos of other people's awesome craft rooms, you should search "craft room" on Flickr.

*His reasons are three fourfold:
1.) I have a calling to craft (and I enjoy it, and I'm good at it).
2.) I have a tendency to... acquire, which is curbed by having to keep it all in one room.
3.) He doesn't want to put up with my projects being scattered all over the house.
4.) (Added by him before press time, and I quote:) "I like the moneys!"
So as you can see, it's a mixture of encouragement, tough love, and selfishness.  I'll take it!

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