11 April 2006

Meet Nina

This is Nina. She's my new sewing machine. I got her off eBay as a graduation present. Isn't she beautiful? All metal. Oh yeah. She can do all sorts of things my trusty but limited 1959 Singer can't. She's just like the one I've been using at work for the last 2 years, so I know all about what she can do and how to take care of her.

Here is her ridiculous collection of feet for doing different things. She also came with more needles than I'll ever use in a lifetime, and oil, and screwdrivers and things.

And here is her house. She, and her table extension, and her accessory case all fit in there!

She's just amazing, and she'll probably still be working years after I die.


Dorathea said...

How cool! But I gotta ask, where do you get your names for things? Nina or NiƱa? Girl?

samann1121 said...

Nina, without the tilde. And usually I just decide that something should have a certain name (and for some reason, they usually end up being masculine), but this time it's because the sewing machine is a Bernina brand machine. And I figured she was a girl. Kind of like the tough Hispanic chick on Atlantis. That's who the sewing machine reminds me of.

Dorathea said...

Okay, that works.
That's funny! What is her name; I can't remember now... Tayla, however it's spelled. Anyway, that's cool. I didn't know you watched that show. I like it.

samann1121 said...

Hee hee... No, I meant Atlantis: The Lost Empire, the Disney movie. I assume you mean Stargate Atlantis (which I've never seen an episode of). The girl on the Disney movie is Audrey. She's like 18 and the mechanic of the crew.

Dorathea said...

oh. *blushes*
Oh yeah! I remember her! I like her, too! :-D