11 April 2006

One for me, one for you...

Two tablecloths from eBay, now two skirts. This one turned out soooo much better than I expected it would. I inherited this really wide stretchy lace stuff from my great-grandma, so I deciced I would try to use it as a waistband, ala the t-shirt material people use for the same purpose on Craftster. Oh did it ever work. The skirt can be worn high or low, and since it was a square tablecloth, it's all gypsy and pointy at the bottom. This one is for you. It's for sale at my Etsy shop.

This, however, is the reason I bought the lot of tablecloths in the first place. This tablecloth was destined to be a skirt from its creation. I mean, look at it. I decided to put a zipper in it instead of an elastic waistband so it would be longer. The trim on the bottom used to be major fringe, but I sort of cut it off. Which left some other trim. I can't really describe the process, but that extra trim is also for sale at my Etsy shop. But this skirt isn't. To quote Dr. House, "It's mine. You can't have any."

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