10 April 2009

Diaper Bag!

So if there's one thing every parent needs, it's a diaper bag, right? A giant bag with multiple pockets for transporting all the gabillion things that a baby/toddler needs to survive in public. And though it's possible to survive using a plain tote bag, or a plastic WalMart sack, or (as my brother does) by just carrying an extra diaper around with you and telling parenting conventions to screw themselves (not that I have a problem with that), I thought I'd probably want a diaper bag.

So I looked at Target (where we registered) and saw nothing even remotely appealing. Then I tried searching Etsy, but the search was so overwhelming (not to mention full of things that weren't diaper bags) that I gave up. Then I said to myself, "Heck, I can sew. I sew all the time! Bags, even!"

So I decided to sew my own diaper bag out of an old pair of corduroy pants. Reasons:
1.) Pants already have some pockets in them.
2.) Pants are sturdy.
3.) Part of it would already be sewn for me.
4.) I LOVE corduroy.

So I went to the Sally Ann's and found a suitable pair of pants. (And I've just noticed that every single one of my paragraphs so far has started with the word "so". Hm.) And over the last two (three?) weeks I've been slowly working on it in fits and spurts. But now it's done! Hooray! Here are more photos:

See, it's secretly girly on the inside. So hopefully Norman won't feel too weird carrying it around. Even though it looks more like a purse than a diaper bag. Oh well.


Jenny said...

Nice! It looks great. :-)

Norman said...

And as I said before, there's something ironic about making something to hold diapers out of pants.

Brigid said...

I love it! Great work.

Katie said...

You win!

bammers said...