07 April 2009


Is there anything prettier than a big stack of fresh, fluffy, never-been-soiled cloth diapers?

OK, there are probably plenty of things prettier, but they are really nice.

Reasons I'm cloth diapering (from someone who has yet to actually change a diaper of any kind in her life):

1.) "diapers" will not end up on my weekly shopping list

2.) I like reusing things
-- Cloth diapers make great dust cloths, etc. when you don't need diapers anymore (not that I ever dust... Hey, that's what kids old enough to not wear diapers are for!)

3.) They're so comfy. I mean, I'd rather have soft, soft cotton on my bum than plastic. Oh yeah, that's why I wear underwear instead of Depends!
-- Possible TMI alert!
Some months before becoming pregnant with Lucy, I switched from 10 years of using disposable menstrual pads to using cloth ones that I made myself. I'll never go back. They're much more comfortable, cost effective, conscience-mollifying, and nowhere near as disgusting as they sound. I would encourage all you young ladies out there to try them.

4.) Babies who wear cloth diapers have cute, chubby bottoms.

Oh yeah, and there are all these reasons, too.


Funkybella said...

Good for you, Jessie!
When the time comes, I'll probably go with cloth all-in-ones or ones that snap with velcro covers. There are so many reasons to use cloth, I don't know why anyone buys disposable anymore!

Brigid said...

When I have a baby, I want to do cloth, too. I'm a cloth wearer myself, and there's just no comparison.

rotsaP loeJ said...

I tend to agree in general; although the analogy from what grown-ups wear to what babies ought to wear seems a little forced. At least in the best of cases, grown-ups deal with their own digestive by-products.