01 April 2009

Handmade Baby Gifts Roundup

This last weekend I had my second (!!!) (and last, I assure you) baby shower. In addition to some necessities that I registered for, some necessities I didn't register for, and some fun stuff, I received quite a few handmade items. So of course I felt the need to share them with you. Here we go -- the best of the best! (Or the ones I could get decent photos of...)

First up, this lovely crocheted blanket from my good friend and former roommate, who, believe it or not, drove in from MEMPHIS for my shower. Wow.

Next, way cute burp cloths with Lucy's name(s) embroidered on them! I especially like the one with her initials.

A dear lady in my church asked me what my nursery colors are. Well, we don't have a nursery, and we don't have colors, but she really needed something to craft off of (I understand!). So I pulled two colors out of mid air -- purple and yellow. She totally came through! That's (L to R) a travel wipes case pouch, a burp cloth, a bib, and a onesie. Cuteness!

A fellow new "crunchy" mom made me some cloth wipes (in addition to starting off my cloth diaper stash and giving me a Snappi). (By the way, that's that she has recently had her first child, and she is crunchy, not that she is newly crunchy.)

A girl from church (how old are you, Rachel? 15?) crocheted both of the following. The blanket is made out of four GIANT granny squares (awesome). And the snail! Love it! (Unfortunately, I think I'll be replacing the button eyes with black embroidery thread. I love the eyes, but I want Lucy to be able to play with it.)

And last but not least, the mother of my friend (who I would also consider a friend and a mentor) made this gorgeous blanket. The colors are so lovely, and she knows me well enough to have added random smatterings of lace and trim and rickrack all over the quilt. I love random trim smatterings! I have drawers full!

I also received this, this, and this -- handmade by Etsy sellers and purchased by my dear friends.

I am so blessed! Y'all, this is only the handmade stuff! Perhaps a mere third or fourth of everything I received that day. Amazing. Thanks, everyone!

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Marci said...

I just found your blog-and the curb shopping stories make me smile! I'm glad to hear there's someone else out there that enjoys forays like that as much as my honey and I do! Our best find recently was a white,wooden rocking chair....