15 December 2009

Deluxe, a Recap: 2009

Deluxe was fun! My booth was right next to Katie, and we had a fun time chatting. Several friends came out to see me. It wasn't the financial success that last year's was, but we're gonna blame that on the economy. Seems everyone's sales were down.

But it was still a blast! Plenty of customers to walk half-way by my booth, slow down, stop, back up a couple of steps, pick up one of my items, and say, "Oh, cool!" Sigh. I love that reaction. Even if they don't buy anything. Really. I understand.

I bought a wooden cross for some dear people, but I didn't catch the name of the maker. D'oh! It's gorgeous, though. All scrolly.

Here's my booth:

Here's the view from my little corner:

And here's me and babby... NOT getting high:

Across the aisle from us, Science Museum Oklahoma had a booth, a tub of cheese puffs, and a tank of liquid nitrogen. Awesome. They were soaking the cheese puffs in liquid nitrogen and having people eat them. After watching about 75 people do it, I finally got my turn. See, if you close your mouth while you chew the cheese puff, all the steam comes out your nose! Fun! So I had the guy take a photo of me. Repeat: NOT getting high. You hear that, internet?? (Probably not.)


Adrian said...

Lucy looks only a *tiny* bit concerned! Ha!
All I could hear from my end was a loud "Wooo!" every once in a while. Made me a little jumpy to tell you the truth ;)
I never did get up the courage to try one of those cheese puffs...

Brigid said...

So that's what they were doing over there.

Lucy is such a cutie pie. I'm glad I got to meet her. That giggle is irresistible. I'm still debating whether to give the journal to my cousin who loves to write or my little brother who studies Russian.

Dorathea said...

That's hilarious! I saw the picture, and you said NOT getting high, and I wondered, "How did she DO that?!" So confunded. You weren't even holding a cigarette (though, honestly, I would have been surprised if you were). Photoshop? Oh, no. Nitrogen-soaked cheese puffs! Who woulda thunk it?

:) Yeah, I like to stop and say, "Oh cool!" but then I usually feel bad that I don't buy something.

samann1121 said...

I was going to expand on this in the post itself, but then I decided not to.

Don't ever feel bad about not buying something! I don't know about other sellers, but I'd rather someone NOT buy something than buy something they don't need or wouldn't enjoy. I don't want anyone spending money they should be spending on something else on my stuff.

Sometimes you just can't use something, or you can't think of anyone else you know who needs it, or you've already finished your Christmas shopping. It's OK. I understand. :-)

JemJam said...

Lucy looks like she wants her own puff. Good to see all 3 of yous!

Dorathea said...

hee ::blush:: I got told.