20 April 2010

Birthday Garland

In addition to the new Maynard Family Happy Birthday Banner, I also made a Maynard Family Happy Birthday Garland. It is meant to replace crepe paper as a birthday decoration.

I cut out a bunch of felt circles in three different sizes.
[10 different colors!]

Then I sewed them all together in one long string.
[Do not be confused by pink-striped puffy thing. It's a hammer.]

I have a lot of felt.

I strung it across the dining room close to the ceiling, as one would do with crepe paper.
[Hi, friends!]

It turned out really nice! So colorful and fun. I'm looking forward to putting it back up for my own birthday in August, even thought there won't be a party or anything!


bammers said...

Let's have a part-tay for Jess-say! :) I would come...and I would try to bake some no-sugar cookies and make a tofu cake...or something...

Brigid said...

That's adorable! Did you pin all the circles together, overlapping a little bit? (Is my sewing noviceness showing?)

Jessie said...

Brigid -- I just sewed straight through one circle, then stuck the next one right up next to it under the presser foot and kept sewing. I actually erred on the side of them not overlapping, so in some places there's a bit of thread between the circles, which actually makes it easier to hang.

Katie said...

That is so fun.

Kelly said...

Well done, Jessie! Lucy is going to grow up with so many great traditions!

somaria said...

I may be stealing this idea. Or maybe I'll trade it for this one:
If you have an ottoman/footstool or a cardboard box filled with newspaper. Cover it with a cloth slip cover and sew felt "burners" and "knobs" onto it to make a play stove top. If I had a girl, that would help because we do not have space in out apartment for a full sized play kitchen. (I feel like our apartment is shrinking as Henrik grows.)