16 November 2010

Home Show Recap with *GASP* photos!

This was the fourth year for my annual holiday home show. It was also the FIRST year that I remembered to take photos. (Which I would not even have remembered to do if my sister-in-law hadn't reminded me!)

We had a great time! Hot spiced cider, chocolate cookies, great chats with good friends, and plenty of the selling of the wares. And of course, my favorite part -- when people look at my stuff and say, "Coooool!"

Photographic evidence that this does indeed happen every year, and I haven't just been making it up:

[Jewelry scrolls on parade.]


[Two crafters and our hostess taking a break.]

[Jen's bags]

[Kirsten's potholders and coffee sleeves, and Taryn's fabric flowers]

[Some of Karla's adorable stuff]

[Our trusty doorman next to Karla's aprons]

[The Oklahoma corner]

[The Nerdiness corner]

It was such a great success and so much fun, that it is doubly bittersweet that I will not be here in town to do Number 5 next year. Hopefully I can start a new tradition in our new home, wherever that may be!

(PS - If, upon looking at these photos, you are interested in any of the items you see, please contact me at phile_1013 [at] hotmail [dot] com. I can put you in touch with the lady who crafted the item.)

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