29 April 2011

Easter, Our Way

I almost feel silly putting this up. I'm sure everyone is over Easter by now, but we had some fun this last Saturday before I came down deathly ill (don't worry, I'm better now), so I wanted to share.

I haven't really "done Easter" since I started college. I do Lent pretty regularly, but I just don't throw a big bash for Easter. I think this is because while I find the whole Easter Bunny, crappy chocolate, chick tchotchke thing horrible and ridiculous, I find the attempt to cheesily re-Christian-ize the holiday just as ridiculous. "Resurrection eggs"? Really? Also, our church is not at all liturgical -- we don't do anything special for Easter. I kinda wish we did, but we don't.

This leaves me with a few options: become Catholic or Orthodox, or just pick and choose whatever festivities sound good and I feel up for in any particular year.

Well, this year I picked an egg hunt, because I thought it would be fun for Lucy.

It was!

I bought some plastic eggs at the dollar store and filled them with number and letter magnets, stickers, those little pills that dissolve in water and leave you with an animal-shaped sponge, apple slices, walnuts, and "bars". These all thrilled Lucy to no end, so don't think you have to put candy in your Easter eggs. You don't. In fact here is a bunch of suggestions for things other than candy to put in eggs.

The animal sponge pills were a huge letdown. Either I'm remembering them wrong from when I was a kid, or these dollar store ones were particularly crappy.

[She was very impatient waiting for me to hide them.]

[I "hid" them at 24-month-old level.]

[She didn't even find them all before she wanted to sit down and open them. She had plenty, I guess.]

[We finished opening the rest inside, as it was pretty chilly and a tad sprinkly.]


Jenny said...

Thanks for sharing! It sounds like a lot of fun!

sseachris said...

She looks so grown up! Great ideas - I love the sponge animals. Sorry they didn't turn out - those were great fun growing up. :)

sseachris said...

Forgot to say that the kids did resurrection eggs in children's church (we do attend a liturgical church!) and I thought it was a great idea and fun activity! :) See my recent post about our Easter services - we love the liturgy! http://seachrisfamily.wordpress.com/ I wonder what kind of church you'll find in CA - Jessie you will have such a great adventure. :)

Heather said...

Look how adorable little Miss Lucy is! That hat! Awww!
I think any holiday is a great opportunity to make it your own and memorable and meaningful to your family, and Easter is no exception. This was sort of an epic Easter in our family ;) For the first time we are in a liturgical church (Episcopalian! Its not just for Catholics, lol) and I had never experienced this sort of build-up to Easter. It was always like "surprise! Its Easter!" lol. I did enjoy it, and it really made that Easter sunday feel like something special.
I'll miss seeing you guys at the craft shows :( you'll have to tell us all about the crafty cali scene!