19 April 2011

Lucy's 2nd Birthday Party

Lucy's 2nd birthday party happened. How have I already thrown 2 of these things? Despite my creeping nostalgia, a lovely time was had by all! The weather shaped up perfectly, despite it having been crazy windy the day before.

[Random present- opening photo]

We had it in the front yard. Partly because there's an insane dog next door, partly because the front yard is easier than the back yard to get to from inside of our house, and partly because we reject modern suburbanity and believe that you should not hide your life away to yourself in your back yard.

We set up the sit n' spin (which was more like a stand n' spin on this particular day) and some sidewalk chalk on the driveway, and we also had a bowling alley! More like just one lane, but still! It was awesome and it worked out perfectly. I bought the blow-up bowling pins at a garage sale, and we set up some garden fencing to keep everything contained. (Lucy loves to watch us play bowling on the Wii.)


(You can click on the photos to see them larger.)

[Sidewalk chalking]

We had fruit, veggies and sour cream, and herbal sweet tea, much like last year. But this year we had strawberry shortcake! I made this recipe, so the shortcake was grain- and dairy-free. It was amazingly spongy -- I highly recommend it. I tossed some cut strawberries with honey the night before, and whipped the cream during the party. So. tasty.

[Om nom nom!]

We also had plenty of bottles of bubble solution! The (not crazy) wind carried them nicely.

[Norman took this photo and the next one. I love them! He's got the eye, I think.]

[See? Fun!]

I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant party. It was fun (for kids and adults alike), laid-back, tasty, and had perfect weather. What more could you ask for?


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Kelly said...

Looks like it was such a fun party! The Payne's are sorry we couldn't make it. :(