18 March 2012

Jessie Lyman's Journals, Part 11

I previously introduced you to my great-great grandmother, Jessie Lyman Eckert.  You can read the first post here, and subsequent post are filed under

Jessie Lyman was born January 2, 1877.  She graduated from Westport High School (Westport, MO, now part of Kansas City) in 1897 at the head of her class.  From what I have read of her diaries so far, it appears she went on to teach school for a couple years in Columbia, MO.  She married Herman Eckert in June of 1899.  On July 26, 1900, she died giving birth to twins Conrad and Cornelia at the age of 22.  Conrad is my mother's mother's father.


Dec. 26, Sunday [1897]

My journal has suffered sadly from my holiday preparations. My Xmas tree is over, and people say, was a success. The children all did well. Forest Hutchison sang beautifully.
We had a very pleasant time at Uncle Wallie's yesterday. We fished for presents in a big clothes basket. I got two bottles of cologne, a silver thimble, a box of stationery and some stamps.
Herman sent me a beautiful gold and pearl pen. He must have been good at mind-reading. All the presents I got were just what I had been wanting.
Uncle Wallie put a box of candy on the tree for me too. One of the pupils gave me a pair of vases. I think it was Grover Via. I think a great deal of them.
Mr. Emmett called last night. I had put a box of candy hearts on the tree for him.  I will have to be very careful with him.
Jehu Wilson called today. They are all going hunting tomorrow.
I expected a letter from Herman today and was very much disappointed at not getting any.
I am reading "His Sombre Rivals".

Mon, Dec 27

Aunt Florence and I went to town to get my money, but we couldn't find Joe Wright, so I had to be content to wait.
We stopped at Uncle Wallie's on the way out, and I met Mrs. Campbell. She seems very pleasant.

Tues, Dec 28

The boys went to town today and got Joe Wright's signature, but were too late to get the order cashed. They brought letters and a package from home. How we appreciate such things when away from those we love.
Uncle Wallie and his family spent the evening with us. We had a very pleasant time with our games. Uncle W. suffers terribly from his sciattica [sic].

Wed, Dec 29

Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Cruze, Mrs. Goodin and Aunt Mary spent the day with us. Everyone had her work. I was so unfortunate as to be taken very faint at dinner and I hardly recovered from it all afternoon. It think the room was too warm. This evening Jehu Wilson called. We had a very pleasant. [sic]

Thurs, Dec 30

This morning I mended Forest's clothes as well as my own. This afternoon Francis and I went to town and succeeded in getting my money at last. I changed the kid mittens Mamma sent me on Xmas for gloves as I had a pair of mittens.
I ordered a frame for Herman's picture.
We had an invitation to one of Logan's shows, but it was so muddy and rained so that we concluded not to go.

Friday, Dec. 31

As I was sitting by the window sewing this morning whom should I see coming up the path but an M.S.U. cadet. I said to Forest "I guess that's Mr. Marshal" -- and so it proved to be. He came to go hunting but it was too windy, so we went skating. He is a good skater. We had a fine time. We succeeded in getting him to stay all night! Logan's show was postponed so we were all invited over for this evening.
The whole neighborhood was there. After the show, we skated a while, and then came back to the house to watch the Old Year out and the New Year in.


Ooooh, girl!  She keeps saying she must "be careful" with Mr. Emmett Scott, but is she ever?  No!  It's like she's just keeping him around to entertain her, even though her heart belongs to Herman.  Oy!

I think she must have meant "play" when she talks about her successful Xmas tree? 

Now, as to the "M.S.U. cadet", I looked into this, and was initially confused because Missouri State University wasn't founded until 1905.  However, some Googling showed that the University of Missouri student newspaper was once called the MSU Independent.  So just as older University of Oklahoma stuff refers to it as "OKU", so Mizzou was formerly referred to as "MSU".  And now you know!

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