03 March 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Whoa, is it like way too late for a Valentine's Day post?  Well, too bad.  I still want to talk about it.  And by "talk about it", I mean post photos.

I talked last year about how I will and have mended my Valentine's Day-hating ways for the sake of my daughter.  The tradition continues!

I got the idea of using cookie cutters as paint stamps from this blog.  She has a lot of really great ideas for crafts and activities for babies and toddlers. 


It was Lucy's idea to get out the scissors and make fringe.


But then when we were done painting, she decided she wanted to use the table-protecting paper to wrap the cookie cutters up like packages for the post office.  (She sees me prepare and ship packages all the time.)


So we went with it!  It really is so much fun to let kids guide the activities.  Her ideas are always better than mine!

And then homemade heart-shaped pizza for dinner!

With bacon, red onion, red bell pepper, and... wait for it...artichoke hearts!  :-)

And Norman brought me some dark chocolate-covered shortbread cookies, even though I always tell him (honestly) that I don't want or need anything for Valentine's Day.  What a guy.

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