10 April 2012

Egg Hunt (and What I Put in This Year's Easter Eggs)

This Facebook status pretty much sums up this year's Easter egg hunt at our house:

I guess I left out the part where she was thrilled and delighted to find treats that she gets to eat every day in the eggs, and set about finishing off each treat before she opened the next egg.  (Said treats: chocolate chips [admittedly a larger quantity than normal], apple chips, walnuts, and a dark chocolate/almond/cherry thing from Costco [y'all -- I can't find even a photo of these on the internet, but they are amazing. No creepy ingredients and tasty as heck. Get thee to a Costco.].)

 [Norman, stickerfied.]

This kid.  Seriously.  I know we're decent parents, but there's a giant amount of good luck/providence here.

So, a couple of treats...


a couple of stickers....

some balloons....

but the cool, awesome, epic thing I teased in my other Facebook status is....

I made finger puppets to put in some of the eggs!

Steve and Blue (from Blue's Clues), and Cookie Monster, Prairie Dawn, Grover, and Elmo (from Sesame Street, of course). 

A friend shared this link with me as a non-candy Easter egg filling idea.  And I was kinda sorta planning to make a couple.  But then I was hangin' out on the internet doing goodness knows what, and it just hit me that I should make finger puppets of some of her favorite characters instead.  I sketched out the ones I thought would be relatively straightforward to make and got to work:

I wish I could give you instructions, but I cannot.  It just involved a lot of felt, fabric paint, tiny scissors, and trial and error.  But, as it usually does, it worked out.  Close enough for government work, anyway.  (That's an idiom.  Do people say this, or just my mom?)

In any case, Happy belated Easter!

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