19 January 2008

New Batch of Journals

(One of my favorites, for the cheesiness factor. You can't quite see it, but that girl is wearing leg warmers.)

This is what I've been working on all week-- journals. I finally got them all done today. That's eight of them, for those who are counting. Two are special orders (which I very much appreciate, you know who you are), the rest are stock for the shop. Now I don't have to make any again for at least two months, maybe. Yay! The hole-punching and the stitching gets old after awhile. Of course, I suppose I should wish that I have to make a new batch of eight every week. Hmm... Tempting...

Marking the pages before poking holes in them.

Pages and end papers are all glued in.

Tada! Bookmarks' glue is drying.


Norman said...

Although I don't journal myself, I'm particularly a fan of what you do with these. My favorite was "Here Come the Raccoons!"

Dorathea said...

Heehee, I like the "I'd rather be dancing!" Ohhh yeah.
Very nice, Jessie. I'm always impressed with these.

me3020 said...

we the blogging community want to see "here come the raccoons." :-)

samann1121 said...

Unfortunately, "Here Come the Raccoons" was sent on a consignment mission and sold before I remembered to take a picture of it. Sorry!