25 January 2008

Non-Permanent Vandalism, Part II

Guess what? Yep, we were back at the Hobby Lobby the other night. I wanted to pick up some block printing starter stuff (which I did, and which I will blog once I get around to using them, whether it's a success or not). So we were wandering around, and I thought (and consequently said out loud), "Oh! I know what we need to do!" So we went to check on our last piece of subversive art. It had been replaced by some lovely summery words (not sure why -- last I checked, it's still January), like "DIVE", "CAKE", "ANA" (whoever she is), etc. One of these times, I've got to remember to take a before picture. Anyway, we did some letter-borrowing from farther down the aisle and came up with this:

Yep. "Get the Diva a Pint." How can you argue with that?

As I was taking this picture, I had to endure the mocking tones of some passing punk -- "Ooo! That's illegal! I'm gonna tell!" Did you know that rearranging wooden letters in a retail environment is illegal? Neither did I.


Dorathea said...

Nah, it's not illegal to look at merchandise and try it out before you buy it if it's not wrapped up. ;-)
btw, that is great!

samann1121 said...

Haha! Yeah, gotta make sure those letters really will spell the kind of words I'd want to spell once I get them home! ;-)